Letter: Unions root of nation’s problems



Unions are the cause of the inflation-caused recession our country is experiencing and the fact is that most of the states that do not have right-to-work laws are going bankrupt.

The U.S. Postal Service is also going bankrupt and now wants to close some of the offices, lay off personnel and cut off Saturday delivery. I can recall when we had delivery twice a day and stamps only cost 3 cents.

In the private sector, unions cause companies to move their factories overseas, which is why we now produce nothing in this country. The products still carry American names but they are all made in China, Bangladesh or some other country. Clothing, even such iconic items as Levi’s or L.L. Bean, are imported. Kitchen items such as Sunbeam toasters or Mixmasters are all gone, too. Is it any wonder we have such high unemployment?

The public sector is worse in a way; it cannot send jobs overseas, so instead it must either raise taxes, fire teachers, police and firemen, or go bankrupt.

States add to the problem by continually increasing the minimum wage. That will just put more people out of work.

Ed De Boer