Fewer new people migrate to county in August




Relocation to Clark County in August dropped considerably when compared with the same month last year, as measured by the number of out-of-area drivers’ licenses exchanged for local ones.

State records showed 1,104 people traded out-of-state and out-of-county driver’s licenses in Clark County last month, down 20.1 percent from 1,382 licenses exchanged in August 2010.

The downward trend also hit the state as a whole. Throughout Washington, 13,466 people traded in licenses from out of the area in August, a 13.6 percent decline from 15,590 the same month last year.

From January through August, 9,063 out-of-area drivers’ licenses were traded in for ones issued in Clark County, a 6 percent decline from 9,656 licenses exchanged during the same period last year.