2nd typhoon in week lashes rain-soaked Philippines



MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The second typhoon in a week has made landfall in the northern Philippines which is still reeling from floods alongside several Asian countries.

Typhoon Nalgae slammed ashore midmorning Saturday south of northeastern Palanan Bay with winds of 100 mph (160 kph) and stronger gusts.

It is making a similar path across the rain-soaked Luzon Island as an earlier typhoon that killed at least 50 people, left thousands stranded on rooftops and sent huge waves that breached a seawall in Manila Bay.

Hundreds of thousands have hunkered down in evacuation centers with rainfall of about an inch (2 and a half centimeters) an hour.

More than 600 are dead or missing in monsoon floods and storms in Southeast Asia, China, Japan and South Asia in the last four months.