Letter: Increase postage to stamp out losses



I have been doing some background on the cost to mail a letter from the West Coast to the East Coast around the 1800s. During that time, it cost the equivalent of around $28 to mail that letter, and it would take approximately 10 weeks to arrive at its destination. Today we can place a 44-cent stamp on our letter, and if it’s in the proper weight class, this letter can be mailed on the West Coast and arrive within a few days on the East Coast. What can you buy today for 44 cents?

The U.S. Postal Service needs $5 billion, which they don’t have. The USPS has to earn enough money selling stamps and services to stay afloat. So why not double the price of a stamp in order to save our U.S. Postal Service? The head of the USPS wants to close 3,700 post offices and let 120,000 employees go. He also feels the answer is to contract with local businesses, such as gas stations, etc., to handle the mail. But what about home delivery and everyone renting post office boxes?

We need our elected officials to take this on or our troops in harm’s way will get their mail by camel.

Marlin Dunlap