Vancouver sells decommissioned fire station




A decommissioned Vancouver fire station may have a new purpose in the near future.

The city council approved the sale of former Fire Station 87, at 11207 N.E. 70th Ave., to a private owner for $268,050 on Monday.

It’s not clear what purchaser Kurt Redd will do with the buildings or land, near the busy intersection of Northeast 72nd Avenue and St. Johns Road. Redd did not immediately answer an email for comment Thursday and Vancouver Property Management Specialist Linda Carlson said his plans were not disclosed at the time of sale.

Vancouver firefighters left the station when the new 9,000-square-foot Glenwood Fire Station opened in 2006 at 12603 N.E. 72nd Ave.

Since then, the building had been used by the city for storage, Carlson said.

The city council last year declared the property as surplus, clearing the way for its sale.

“It’s just a building that we were no longer utilizing for public purposes, so we put it out for surplus and disposition,” she said.

A staff report said the money will be split between the fire equipment fund and the city’s general fund.

The money in the general fund will be used for major maintenance in the city, Vancouver Chief Financial Officer Lloyd Tyler said.

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