Letter: Here are ways to raise revenue



Our state, county and city are short of funds. Services, programs and employees are being cut. Here are some revenue-raising suggestions:

  1. Eliminate the sales-tax exclusion for out-of-state shoppers. The majority of people claiming it live in Washington. Those few business that argue against this can absorb the sales tax as other businesses do or exit the marketplace. Residents of Washington should not have to “fund” business with a tax break such as this.

  2. Pass a state income tax for anyone working in Washington without a Washington driver’s license or state ID card. Require employers to verify and report this requirement. Oregon does not hesitate to charge income tax to people from Washington.

  3. Double fines for failing to register vehicles or obtain a Washington driver’s license. Stop giving out warnings. These people know they are breaking the law.

  4. Let’s have fun. Establish a bounty on these tax cheats. Say $100 per vehicle and $50 per driver’s license for each person turned in who is fined. In these economic times, many an honest resident will jump at the opportunity to augment their income by turning in their tax-cheating neighbors.

Henry C. Geren II