Letter: Bathroom campaign eyes equality



Having been a lifetime reader of The Columbian, especially Our reader’s views, I was particularly discouraged at negative opinions surrounding the Washington State University Vancouver Gender Neutral Bathroom Week. Since many seem to have missed the point, I would like to clarify that only 12 of 50 restrooms on campus were “gender neutral.”

Students and staff were encouraged, not forced, to participate. As a rape victim and woman who has endured plenty of snide bathroom whispers in the past, I would personally love to quell any “concerns” and say that sharing a space with anyone else, be it man, woman or child who associate themselves with any gender or sexual identity, does not cause some sort of form of fatal anxiety or emotional trauma.

The effort was to create an open forum for the discussion of continued discrimination in our society, to allow everyone to become involved and to remind us that no one deserves to suffer any form of harassment based on appearances. I’m proud, as a member of our young generation, to see a successful campaign for equality stir up some dust from the minds of readers, force them to face some minor discomfort on behalf of the human race. I hope to see more support of such activities in the future.

Natalie Witt