Medford house where meth was cooked is torn down



MEDFORD, Ore. (AP) — A retirement center has bought and torn down a Medford house where a basement renter cooked methamphetamine on a stovetop until a police raid in 2005.

Police say the razing is a milestone in their struggle to contain the drug. Users still get meth — police say it comes from Mexican labs. But because of a state law banning over-the-counter sales of a key ingredient, pseudoephedrine, it’s rare to find a local meth lab these days. Police statistics show one lab discovered in Medford since 2008.

The Medford Mail Tribune reports ( the Rogue Valley Manor paid $180,000 for the house last year with the idea of demolishing it because it had been a neighborhood nuisance.

The razing was accomplished this week.


Information from: Mail Tribune,