Letter: Hold our leader accountable



In his April 14 column, “Come on, man! Plus other stuff,” Lou Brancaccio begins by telling why he got into journalism, saying “I just loved the idea of holding those in power accountable.” Very noble.

Brancaccio tells of attending a conference where Barack Obama and Mitt Romney spoke at back-to-back luncheons. Obama’s speech was so good that he and everyone else in attendance gave him a standing ovation. Although Romney’s speech was good, it didn’t move Brancaccio, yet he felt it important “to be fair” so he (and one other person) gave Romney a standing ovation.

Most will agree that with a Teleprompter, President Obama is the best political speaker in our lifetime. He’s a great campaigner and orator. From there, things go downhill. No budget in three years; higher gas prices as he has previously stated (just not before the election); wasteful spending to promote renewable energy (as in Solyndra); and ramming through Congress what is perhaps the worst piece of legislation ever perpetrated upon the American public — Obamacare.

As a graduate of WSU’s School of Journalism (Class of 1941) my question to Brancaccio is: Whatever happened to that noble idea of holding those in power accountable? There’s a lot to be accounted for, so there’s no better time than the present.

Scotty Hamley