Talking Points: Winterhawks vs. Trail Blazers



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Wednesday at the Rose Quarter provided an interesting comparison for Portland sports fans.

In the Rose Garden, the Trail Blazers played out the string with billionaire owner Paul Allen looking on. But Allen might have been better served to take a peek at the action going on at the same time in the Memorial Coliseum.

That’s where the Winterhawks won a thrilling Game 7 playoff game. We don’t believe their wealthy owner, Bill Gallacher, was in the coliseum on Wednesday. But Gallacher’s management approach certainly was on display.

When he bought the Winterhawks in October of 2008, the franchise was a mess. But Gallacher hired coaches, trainers and management with NHL experience. Then he got out of their way, and watched his team become one of the best in the Western Hockey League.

Let’s just say that the other Rose Quarter team has taken a different approach. With significantly less inspiring results.


The start of the season has not been great for the Portland Timbers. But the franchise enjoyed another milestone this week, practicing for the first time at the club’s $6 million training facility in Beaverton.

The Timbers describe the Adidas Portland Timbers Training Facility, which includes both real and fake grass fields, as one of the best training facilities in Major League Soccer.

We have no idea if that is true. But the Timbers players seem to like the new digs.

Selfishly, we wish the team had chosen Clark County to build its facility. Especially since the complex includes a artificial turf field that will be available for public use. Still, Timbers fans should be encouraged by their team’s investment.

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