Letter: U.S. medical care is shameful



During the first 75 years of its formal unification, Germany was hardly a model of democracy. A militaristic empire, its leaders led it into World War I, the consequences of which were Adolf Hitler, the rise of Nazism and a second World War.

Yet somehow, Germany from the beginning was able to accomplish something that “democratic” America seems incapable of: It guaranteed the right to medical care to its citizens, regardless of income or position in society (and still does).

In America, medical care is still considered a “for-profit” commodity, and 45,000 people a year die and millions more are bankrupted as a result.

So-called “Obamacare” is a weak start toward guaranteed health care that the rest of the industrialized world takes for granted, but there are least some benefits in this law — and it may one day lead to a day when medical and dental care are not considered a profit center for a corrupt, bloodsucking industry.

Yet ignorant individuals and self-appointed kings on the Supreme Court want to eliminate even these mild reforms.

What is our excuse? Other countries look at our health care system and find it cruel, disgusting and shameful. But I guess America Inc. has no shame.

Kevin J. McElrath