Talking Points: What were the Browns thinking?



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


If you were wondering why the Cleveland Browns have never reached the Super Bowl, well, wonder no more.

On Thursday, the Browns traded the No. 4 pick in the NFL draft plus three other selections to move up one spot to No. 3. They then selected Alabama running back Trent Richardson.

Memo to the Browns: Running backs simply aren’t that valuable in the modern NFL. They aren’t worth using the No. 3 pick in the draft, and they certainly aren’t worth trading the No. 4 pick plus three others.

By coveting Richardson, the Browns are acting as if the NFL is stuck in the 1960s. Which might explain why that’s the last time they were any good.


While the Trail Blazers have been unwatchable for several weeks (months?), Talking Points is confident the offseason will be riveting for fans. A new coach? A new general manager? Who knows how many new players?

While this season came to a merciful close Thursday, there still are kudos to be handed out. To LaMarcus Aldridge, for his first All-Star season. To Nicolas Batum, for his continued growth as a player. To J.J. Hickson, for his contributions after being picked up by Portland. And to Luke Babbitt, for going from scrub to prospect.

Now, who’s ready for the offseason?


Scuttlebutt says the NFL is on the verge of eliminating the Pro Bowl after the 2013 season.

But the question is: Why wait?

The Pro Bowl just might be the most irrelevant event on the sports calendar — well, it’s challenged by the 50-kilometer racewalk — and it’s hard to imagine that its demise will be mourned.

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