Letter: More, not replacement, bridges



It appears the Columbia River Crossing committee failed to represent the Southwest Washington citizens.

The Interstate 5 and Interstate 205 highways are overloaded with traffic, river traffic has increased and light rail is useless for citizens living north, east and west of Clark College.

Having driven I-5 and I-205 between 1 and 5 p.m., I have noticed that all lanes are overloaded. I-205 served as a traffic pressure relief for I-5 and now the two highways need an additional bridge or two to serve as traffic pressure relief. A replacement of the current I-5 Bridge will not provide badly needed traffic relief. Further, it will not solve the problem.

It appears the CRC committee was fully apprised the bridge height had to be higher than 95 feet, the height needed for large industries east of I-5.

From all indications, the CRC officials seem to have their heads in the sand, doing what they want, never mind what population needs are.

Construction of two new bridges away from I-5 would be less costly and serve both states and their populations well, rather than five miles of revisions and a new bridge at the current location.

Frank H. Funk