Letter: Current trends are discouraging



We are offended, Mr. President … our business is successful because of our total dedication along with being responsible owners.

There are no safety nets. No one promised us a pension, holiday pay, health insurance or a salary. We have to pay all our bills on time. We are the private sector that creates innovation and American jobs. We sponsor local charities, sports events, local hospitals, and volunteer.

We do give back to our communities and shame on those who despise success.

Let’s teach our children good work ethics instead of thinking they are born with entitlements. We have become enablers. It takes two parents to raise a child, not their government. What happened to common sense and the concept that success doesn’t come overnight? There will always be someone who has more — and that’s what makes you strive harder. Not everyone needs a college education to become successful. With no common sense an education means absolutely nothing. Some people succeed because they are destined to, but most people succeed because they are determined to.

Nancy Onder