Letter: Mandate posting of price with taxes



In a recent story it was noted that the Department of Transportation has the authority to regulate “unfair and deceptive” airline industry practices. As in “the government can require airlines to show consumers a total ticket price that includes taxes and fees in print and online ads.”

I would suggest that under the new privatization of liquor sales recently enacted here in Washington state, those newly minted retailers also be required to show the total price of the spirits being sold. The additional taxes and fees that are added on upon checkout are not clearly marked for the consumer. This really amounts to their ads being “unfair and deceptive” as well.

After all, even gas stations include a myriad of taxes and fees in their signage for pricing, which is really the only form of advertising they employ.

Let’s encourage the retailers of alcohol to include the total price of their goods in the advertised prices. Not the “suggested/sale prices” that now appear in the advertising.

Paul Knight