Letter: Fairness is due the 98 percent



In Dana Milbank’s July 28 column, “Mitt must choose between defense spending, tax cuts,” it is noted that the Senate recently agreed to continue the current tax cuts for the middle class, and at the same time let the tax cuts expire for the richest 2 percent. This subject was brought up in the context of Mitt Romney’s call “for an additional $2.1 trillion for military spending in 10 years.”

What Romney didn’t mention was the fact that the Republican leaders in the House are planning to hold this remarkably inspired action hostage unless the tax cuts are also applied to the richest 2 percent. This, despite the fact that a majority of Americans want to see the wealthy pay their fair share and not get another tax break.

Joining in the position staked out by the Republican leadership is our representative, Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas. Many of us are naive enough to expect our representative to respect the wishes of the citizens, but she apparently is willing to support federal expenditures including increases in the defense budget instead of helping balance the budget with an obvious revenue source by letting tax cuts for the rich expire. We should let our representative know this is unfair to the 98 percent.

James F. Mallay