Letter: Time was Brady’s advantage



An Aug. 5 Columbian story was headlined “O’Brady’s on edge at Dollars Corner.” Really?

This is the second story on Susie Brady that amazes me. She says she doesn’t know when her restaurant will close? This project has been in planning for the past decade. Instead of waiting for the Washington State Department of Transportation to make the “last day of business” decision for her, how about making your own destiny instead? Only the business owners themselves have the power to make critical business decisions. Owning a small business is challenging and rewarding, but it is more challenging when you procrastinate and leave your fate for others to decide.

I, too, am a small-business owner who had commercial property for which WADOT needed the right-of-way rights. I found the easement purchase, as well as whole lot purchase, to be quite reasonable. Brady should count her blessings for having the luxury of knowing her business would be impacted many years in advance. The rest of us deal with major business decisions regularly when market forces change rapidly.

I hope Brady possesses the will to make a move before WADOT is forced to make one for her. It would be in her and everyone’s best interest.

Paul Allais

Battle Ground