Letter: Withhold support of money pot



Ray Smith wrote a great letter published Aug. 7, “Badgering voters won’t get votes,” regarding pulling all monies out of elections. I couldn’t agree more. Why do we continue to feed the rich and ignore the needy?

This money we so wantonly give to people who don’t need it is obscene. Instead why don’t these candidates just tell us what they will change, keep the same, make better, what they will do to make this country stronger, and the people in it more trusting of the people telling us why we should contribute money to their campaigns. Tell us how you are going to fix things, and I will listen, but I won’t give you any of my hard-earned money.

Of course the people who need to read letters like Smith’s and like mine won’t be paying any attention to what’s needed. I am so sick and tired of this cat-and-mouse game they play. Just grow up and do whatever you are going to do and put your money where your mouth is.

Toni Jacobson

Battle Ground