Letter: Misinformation about UN and guns



Liz Elfring’s July 29 letter, “U.N. wants to take away our guns,” about the U.N. resolution is full of misinformation. The resolution seeks to limit the sale of military weaponry to armies of established governments. The purpose is to save lives and mitigate human suffering throughout the world. It does not seek to disarm anyone who is armed already, nor can a U.N. resolution reach inside a country and change what goes on within its borders.

So Elfring and the rest of us can keep all of our weapons and ammunition regardless of what happens to this resolution. The countries that vote for it hope that with its passage it will become harder for us who are not an army or police force of an established government to add to our stockpiles of automatic assault weapons, grenade launchers, surface-to-air missiles and the like. So not to worry.

Joyce H. Batten