Vital Statistics





Emily R. Ward and Joel A. Elwood, Vancouver, a girl, Annabelle R., Aug. 2, 7 pounds, 12 ounces.

Marriage dissolutions


Amodeo, Michael Charles and Erhart-Amodeo, Amie Marie, aka Kretzchnar, Amie Marie. Woman's name changed to Erhart.

Betts, Teresa Lynn and Irani, Darius.

Brown, Cindy L. and Michael J.

Calvin, Noah and Somer.

Carey, Daniel and Kristina. Woman's name changed to Conner.

Chavez, Manbel and Meza, Ricardo.

Coffey, Heather J. and Justin M.

Crabtree, Jerry L. and Johnson, Karen M.

Edwards, Julie Anne and Scott Walter.

Fournier, David J. and Sheila A.

Harbaugh, Corinna L. and Joey M.

Hendershot, Richard and Alysa. Woman's name changed to Grover.

Holbert Jr., Donald Lee and Holbert, Cori Kay. Woman's name changed to Lewis.

Hudson, James Devens and Sarah Elizabeth.

Knight, Stasi I. and Jerry L.

Maudlin, Amanda Joy and Jason Alan. Woman's name changed to Cummings.

McPherson, Naomi R. and Ryan E. Woman's name changed to Nicodemus.

McHarry-Nelson, Shannon C. and Nelson, Justin R.

Neyens, Emilee M. and Jeremy. Woman's name changed to Blair.

Nguyen, Christine and Long Phi.

Nutter, Christina Jean and Feris, Monty Ray.

Silva, Sherrie A. and Edward.

Smith, Karen L. and Jack A.

Vaughan, Kimberly Ann and Ryan Michael.

Wilhelm, Brittany Renee and Jason Daniel.


Althoff, Alisa Marion and Guadagnuolo, Stefano.


Antolin, Michele Karen and Carlos Manuel.

Beavers, Erin E. and Asbridge, Joe R.

Ellerman, Allan W. and Rolinda S.

Ellis, Cresheda Lyn and Cody Aaron.

Ewell, Patricia and Rickey.

Fryman, Amanda and Aubrey.

Halley, Rebecca Jane and Brian Christopher.

Mahpari, Marci LaVon and Palma, Pablo Aniceto.

Marks, Vanessa and Anthony.

McCarty, Andrea S. and Milo E.

Meyer, Pamela Ann and Dennis Lange.

Nibler, Frances Helena and John Eric.

Nickerson, Bernadine Lynn.

Ocampo, Enrico and Cruz, Daisy.

Sanborn, Kristel and Brent.

Sawyer, Shannon Noel and Jesse Daniel.

Shanafelt, Amber and Zook, Justin.

Smithdeal, Lynn Vedaa, fka Smithdeal, Candy Lynn and Robert Alexander.

Taylor, Jodie L. and Steven W.

Tolle, Tera and Jassen.

Yang, Kirshing and Xiong, Lao Pao.


Abatie, Julie and Abatie Jr., John.

Marriage licenses


Andrews, Timothy Leonard, 42, Portland, and Procter, Jennifer Marie, 39, Portland.

Calderon, Francisco Enrique Olvera, 27, Vancouver, and Ponce, Maria Guadalupe, 34, Vancouver.

Connolly III, John Alvin, 31, Vancouver, and Sparkman, Christina Marie, 28, Vancouver.

Farhat, Ahmed Hamdy, 23, Hillsboro, Ore., and Taylor, Jordan Elyse, 25, Hillsboro, Ore.

Horigan, Justin Philip, 31, Glenview, Ill., and Derousie, Martine Genevieve, 29, Glenview, Ill.

Huffman, Kory Lee, 24, Vancouver, and Forslund, Jamie Lee, 26, Vancouver.

Moos, Caleb Glenn, 28, Vancouver, and Dashnea, Kelsey Marianne, 24, Troutdale, Ore.

Sauvageau, Daniel William, 27, Vancouver, and Kershaw, Nicolette Danae, 31, Vancouver.

Shadle, Jeffrey Gerald, 30, Woodland, and Crick, Lacey Dawn, 25, Woodland.

Sochirca, Serghei Nicolae, 22, Vancouver, and Croitor, Daniela Serghei, 21, Vancouver.

Stewart, Andrew Douglas, 34, Camas, and Allen, Alana Marie, 31, Vancouver.

Thomas, Michael Norman, 55, Vancouver, and Jenkins, Alisa Marie, 43, Vancouver.

Walker, Mitchell Lawrence, 24, Gresham, Ore., and Frederick, Natasha Leann, 22, Gresham, Ore.


Bennett, Nicholas Jay, 28, Beaverton, Ore., and Corser, Abigail Ruth, 25, Tigard, Ore.

Bailey, Gregory Scott, 48, Vancouver, and Boehm, Lorita Ann, 45, Vancouver.

Carroll, Bryan Robert, 25, La Center, and Yung, Marissa Lee, 23, Battle Ground.

Davis Jr., Tony Dale, 21, Vancouver, and Stirrat, Tiffany Lauren, 21, Vancouver.

Day, Bradey Ryan, 33, Ridgefield, and Connors, Bryan Marie, 30, Ridgefield.

Dodd, Sidney John, 78, Vancouver, and Otto, Jeanette Elaine, 77, Portland.

Dreusike, Bradley Donald, 32, Vancouver, and Ballah, Britney Lee, 26, Vancouver.

Garren, Richard Joseph, 53, Vancouver, and Ray, Julie Ann, 49, Vancouver.

Gruelle, Chad Leonard, 31, Vancouver, and Taft, Shannon Marie, 26, Vancouver.

Hull III, Robert Leeroy, 24, Vancouver, and Chamberlain, Dominique Marie, 21, Vancouver.

Kessel, Brian Lee, 31, Battle Ground, and Mullowney, Karen Lynn, 41, Battle Ground.

Leggett, Matteo James, 26, West Hartford, Conn., and Irvine, Christina Anne, 26, West Hartford, Conn.

Palmer, Jonathan Allyn, 29, Tigard, Ore., and Herrera, Alicia Rochelle, 26, Tigard, Ore.

Randall, Joseph Lisle, 28, West Linn, Ore., and Nitk, Valeria Elaine, 31, West Linn, Ore.

Wilson, Andrew Grant, 29, Vancouver, and Young, Ryann M'Lissa, 36, Vancouver.

Wilson, Bruce Douglas, 59, Vancouver, and Draheim, Cheryl Ann, 60, Vancouver.

Wallace, James Rodney, 24, Camas, and Kudrna, Lindsay Marie, 23, Camas.

Wiggins, Shawn Michael, 33, Vancouver, and Martin, Misty Suzanne, 32, Vancouver.


Cayambe, John Jahiber, 32, Vancouver, and Lozano, Mayra Alejandra, 27, Vancouver.

Flores, Alfredo Rodolpho, 50, Camas, and Coleman, Kelley Diane, 48, Camas.

Green, Daniel David, 23, Gresham, Ore., and Rybicki, Melanie Kirsten, 21, Hillsboro, Ore.

Green, Joshua Bryan, 39, Milwaukie, Ore., and Lukasik, Stephanie Ann, 35, Milwaukie, Ore.

Hoffmann, Scott Webb, 27, Portland, and Murphy, Laurel Elizabeth, 26, Portland.

Larama, Joseph Nguyen, 30, Vancouver, and Schippers, Jillian Amber, 31, Vancouver.

Leone, Vincenzo Antonio, 29, Vancouver, and Alvstad, Alicen Delores, 31, Vancouver.

Lomanov, Aleksey Nikolayevich, 25, Vancouver, and Kuzmych, Inna Nykolayevna, 21, Vancouver.

Meyer Jr., Gregory Charles, 29, Gladstone, Ore., and King, Krystal Ann, 32, Gladstone, Ore.

Murphy, Cody Leroy, 23, Vancouver, and Carroll, Hayley Jane, 21, Vancouver.

Pipes, Adam Wayne, 21, Vancouver, and Palmer, Stephanie Joy, 21, Vancouver.

Potter, Bradley Clifford, 32, Vancouver, and Edwards, Riley Lynn, 29, Vancouver.

Sharp, Roger Jay, 56, Ridgefield, and Sharp, Susan Denise, 48, Battle Ground.

Spring, Richard Wadsworth, 58, Vancouver, and Nielsen, Pamela Jean, 63, Vancouver.

White, Jeremiah Jeffery, 23, Battle Ground, and Kallianen, Lexie Rae, 21, Vancouver.

Worthington, David Scott, 43, Vancouver, and Zimmerman, Robin Michelle, 48, Battle Ground.

Zavala, Anthony Paul, 26, Vancouver, and Stark, Hilary Ann, 26, Vancouver.

Court sentencings

The Columbian's policy is to publish all Clark County Superior Court felony sentencings, as provided by the Clark County Clerk's Office. DC signifies that the defendant has entered drug court. Addresses are provided by the courts and may have changed by the time of sentencing. Misdemeanor sentencings, provided by District Court, are published for the following crimes: DUI (driving under the influence), DWS/revoked (driving while license is suspended or revoked), theft-3 (third-degree theft), and assault-4 (fourth-degree assault). If the defendant is sentenced for other misdemeanors at the same time, those offenses are also listed. Money figures represent fines.

Judges John Hagensen, John Nichols, James Swanger, Barbara Johnson, James Rulli, Vernon Schreiber, Robert Lewis, Richard Melnick, Darvin Zimmerman, Diane Woolard, Scott A. Collier, John Wulle, Greg Gonzales, Kelli Osler, Sonya Langsdorf and Dan Stahnke. Judge Protem: Terry Vetter. Court Commissioners: Carin Schienberg, Amy Swingen, Alison Greene, Suzan Clark, Clayton Spencer, Jeff Witteman, Mary Arden, Kristen Parcher and Dayann Liebman.


DeAnda III, Robert, 14, 2623 Rossiter Lane, 3 days, 10 days probation, 24 community service, theft-1. (Woolard, Aug. 10)

Quezada, Gerardo Macias, 16, 3700 E. Fourth Plain Blvd., 15 to 36 weeks, burglary-2. (Woolard, Aug. 10)


Arnold, Paul Henry, 28, 9100 N.E. 54th St., 54 days, attempted burglary-2. (Melnick, Aug. 10)

Boyer, Kelli Crealyn, 25, address not available, 29 days, two counts identity theft-2, criminal impersonation-1 and bail jumping on class B or C felony, (Nichols, Aug. 10)

Bridger, Steven James, 44, address not available, 55 days, criminal impersonation-1 and possession of methamphetamine. (Nichols, Aug. 10)

Campos, Angel Abel, 18, 11304 S.E. 10th St., 366 days, assault-2. (Wulle, Aug. 14)

Carmelo, Victor, 37, 1004 N.E. 72nd St., 142 days, possession of methamphetamine. (Melnick, Aug. 10)

Emerson, Brittany Ladean, 18, 2108 Laurel Place, 30 days, theft-2. (Collier, Aug. 13)

Fenne, Matthew Edward, 39, 2231 Main St., Washougal, 23 days, possession of methamphetamine. (Collier, Aug. 13)

Foerster, Tyler Alan, 29, address not available, 71 days, possession of methamphetamine. (Nichols, Aug. 10)

Gadberry, Connie Christine, 20, 509 N.W. 21st Circle, Battle Ground, 37 days, attempted possession of methamphetamine. (Melnick, Aug. 10)

Garone, Ronald, 57, 3000 F St., 365 days, assault-3. (Lewis, Aug. 15)

Grimshaw, Joseph Patrick, 21, address not available, 120 days, theft of a motor vehicle. (Nichols, Aug. 10)

Kaufman, Joel Anthony, 26, no address, 30 days, escape from community custody. (Collier, Aug. 13)

Keene, Mary Ellen, 39, address not available, 55 months, possession of methamphetamine, three counts bail jumping on class B or C felony, possession of a controlled substance by prisoners or jail inmate. (Nichols, Aug. 10)

Lane, Kyle Patrick, 20, no address, 120 days, identity theft-2 and two counts forgery. (Collier, Aug. 13)

Lara-Vargas, Jose Luis, aka Maldonado-Cortez, Cesar, 34, 8917 N.E. 15th Ave., 16 months, attempted delivery of cocaine and criminal impersonation-1. (Lewis, Aug. 15)

Lazear, Dawn Marie, 36, 12611 N.E. 99th St., 13 days, possession of methamphetamine. (Lewis, Aug. 15)

Linn, Michael Gene, 22, no address, 30 days, criminal impersonation-1. (Collier, Aug. 13)

Johnson, Jody Marie, 36, address not available, 24 months, possession of methamphetamine and possession of heroin. (Nichols, Aug. 10)

McLoone, Christopher Lee, 29, 11614 N.E. 49th St., 181 days, two counts unlawful possession of oxycodone. (Lewis, Aug. 15)

Orear, Walter Jackson, 46, 2615 S.E. 129th Court, 20 months, manufacture of marijuana, possession of heroin, maintaining a dwelling for controlled substances. (Melnick, Aug. 10)

Ortega, Jorge Fajardo, 30, 3307 O St., 240 days, possession of heroin and bail jumping on class B or C felony, (Collier, Aug. 13)

Perez, Christopher Michael, 30, address not available, 24 months, unlawful possession of controlled substance. (Nichols, Aug. 10)

Pooler, Ernest Robert, 55, 2901 K St., 90 days, forgery. (Collier, Aug. 13)

Reid, Stephen Everett, 31, Hillsboro, Ore., 28 months, attempted burglary-2. (Melnick, Aug. 10)

Rosander, Sarah Anne, 33, 501 E. Mill Plain Blvd., 30 days, theft-2. (Melnick, Aug. 10)

Schroeder, Dustin Wayne, 34, no address, 150 days, residential burglary. (Collier, Aug. 13)

Smith, Michelle Lee, aka Nettles, Michelle Lee, 37, address not available, 47 days, two counts of possession of cocaine. (Nichols, Aug. 10)

Speer, John David, 33, 2925 E. First Ave., 32.25 months, attempted burglary-2. (Melnick, Aug. 10)

Sponsler, Melissa Ann, 31, 8017 N.E. 140th Ave., 60 days, taking a motor vehicle without permission-2. (Melnick, Aug. 10)

Sundstrom, Kevin Wayne, 45, address not available, 47 days, possession of methamphetamine. (Nichols, Aug. 10)

Woodard, Robert Allen, 49, no address, 181 days, possession of methamphetamine. (Melnick, Aug. 10)

Yucha, Aaron Israel, 25, 306 N.E. 104th Ave., 60 days, assault-3. (Melnick, Aug. 10)


Jackson, Ricky Lee, 51, 1406 N.E. Minnehaha, $1,000, 270 days, two counts theft-3 and four counts DWS/revoked. (Schreiber, July 27)

Jarquin Mejia, Casiano, 26, 646 Bozarth, Woodland, $3,725, 140 days, DUI. (Swanger, July 24

Johnson, Dave Lee, 48, 8002 N.E. Highway 99, $300, 20 days, DWS/revoked. (Schreiber, July 25)

Johnston, Adam Ross, 33, 9411 N.E. 88th St. and 8002 N.E. Highway 99, $200, 4 days, two counts DWS/revoked. (Witteman, July 26)

Large, Bradly Matthew, 26, 1609 X St. and 118 N.E. Grace Ave., Battle Ground, $800, 120 days, four counts DWS/revoked. (Schreiber, July 25)

Larson, Harrison B., 22, 9213 N.E. 164th Ave., $595, 1 day, DUI. (Langsdorf, July 24)

Marsh, Masonn Hunter, 22, 2408 S.W. 11th St., Battle Ground, $200, 30 days, theft-3. (Schreiber, July 24)

Mikaele, Theodore Epperly, 31, 3801 N.E. 93rd St., $100, 1 day, assault-4. (Osler, July 27)

Mongeau, Nicholas Olin, 31, 1237 N.E. Cedar Ridge Loop, $200, 8 days, two counts DWS/revoked. (Langsdorf, July 25)

Murphy, Summer Lynn, 36, 15110 N.W. First Ave., $595, 1 day, DUI. (Zimmerman, July 24)

Nelson, Gabriel Jonathan, 37, 7418 N.E. Hazel Dell Ave., $1,700, 60 days, two counts DUI. (Langsdorf, July 24)

Norman, Brandon William, 30, 4305 N.E. 125th Ave., $6,300, 270 days, nine counts DWS/revoked. (Schreiber, July 23)

Norman, Marquis Jerome, 23, Seattle, $300, 25 days, theft-3. (Langsdorf, July 24)

Orlovskiy, Alena V., 23, 3007 N.E. 142nd Court, $100, DWS/revoked. (Parcher, July 26)

Palmer, John Clarence, 53, 9700 N.E. 25th Ave., $100, 8 days, DWS/revoked. (Schreiber, July 26)

Paxton, Austin Garrett, 21, 11022 N.E. 18th St., $595, 1 day, DUI. (Swanger, July 23)

Phillips, George Jeana J., 18, 505 E. Clark St., Yacolt, $200, 5 days, theft-3. (Langsdorf, July 25)

Priest, Patrick Wayne, 49, 3507 N.E. 127th Ave., $300, 23 days, theft-3. (Langsdorf, July 24)

Pudwill, Timothy Clifford, 55, no address, 300 days, assault-4. (Zimmerman, July 27)

Purser, Donald Ray, 43, 3502 E. 19th St., $300, 10 days, DWS/revoked. (Parcher, July 26)

Sasin, Vitaliy Olegovich, 24, 719 S.E. 139th Ave., $500, 15 days, DWS/revoked. (Parcher, July 26)

Schnabel, Erica Lynn, 29, Portland, $1,700, 180 days, two counts DUI. (Swanger, July 24)

Scoullier III, Daniel Lee, 34, 313 Mill St., Ridgefield, $200, 15 days, DWS/revoked. (Parcher, July 26)Serebrayanskiy, Ivan David, 32, 4710 Plomondon St., $200, 10 days, two counts DWS/revoked. (Schreiber, July 27)

Smith, Jamie Sue, 32, 3316 S St., $100, 1 day, DWS/revoked. (Schreiber, July 24)

Stanley, Edward Allan, 24, 14009 N.E. 83rd St., $850, 2 days, DUI. (Swanger, July 23)

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