Letter: Obama’s words taken out of context



The Opinion page has run letters from business owners regarding President Obama’s statement about business and success.

Whenever a president makes a gaffe, usually it’s followed by a clarification or apology. When none appeared, I was puzzled.

I finally found out through a morning news program that one Obama statement was actually lifted from an older speech. It was taken out of context by the opposition’s campaign drivers. Within context, the sentence makes sense because the president was making a point that success depends not only on hard work, but on spousal support, community support, and customers.

What we have are two capable and intelligent men running for president, and both are guilty of pointing the finger at each other and making each other look as bad as possible. But I guess that is the way with politics nowadays.

I intend to vote for Obama again. It’s not that Mitt Romney isn’t capable, but I find myself irritated at his Bain Capital ties and his tax-free offshore accounts. If Romney really loved America, all accounts would be here and he would gladly be paying taxes accordingly, not just what is required by law. As far as I’m concerned, he can pay 30 percent just like many other people. Then he’ll have my vote.

Julia Rosenstein