Letter: Romney opens records to scrutiny



It is strange that Eugene Robinson’s memory is so short in his Aug. 10 column, “Tax returns issue will haunt Romney until he opens up,” in which he rails on Mitt Romney about his tax returns. It appears that he cannot remember or doesn’t care about all of the hidden records of his apparent hero, Barack H. Obama.

Obama has been protecting his personal records from the light of day. One wonders how the Obama worshipers can ignore the reasons for the secrecy of Obama’s past. What is he hiding there?

Romney’s past is an open book.

But I think Obama doesn’t want us to see his college records, his passports, his reason for dropping his law license.

The fact is, we really don’t know a lot about Obama. What could Obama be afraid of in his past? I wonder if Robinson and his fellow Democrats are “haunted” by these strange actions by a president of the United States.

Gary S. Smith