Talking Points: Hey, there are other rivalries in baseball



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


The Dodgers and Giants are the oldest rivalry in professional sports. These two teams go back to 1884 during the Benjamin Harrison presidency. They’ve been rivals before Washington became a state.

And these age-old rivals are one-two atop the National League West with almost identical records.

Yet the Dodgers and Giants often are not good at the same time.

So, this year’s pennant race is a little special, especially for Talking Points oldtimers who remember the days before the Internet, cable TV and the Mariners, when you got your baseball fix after dark when it was possible — some days — to tune in an AM radio broadcast of the Dodgers or Giants.

This is a reminder that the Yankees and Red Sox aren’t the only teams with long histories and meaningful rivalries.

As philosopher-manager Tommy Lasorda said: “Classic never gets old.”

2 has looked at the biggest post-trade deadline needs of all 30 MLB teams. For the Mariners, only second baseman Dustin Ackley, catcher-DH Jesus Montero and third baseman Kyle Seager are considered building blocks for the future.

“Every other position on the diamond could use a major upgrade, especially first base,” writes columnist Rick Weiner.

And if the Mariners’ were to make needed improvements, could they contend for a playoff slot in 2013? Unlikely when you share a division with the Angels and Rangers.


How’s college football recruiting going for the class of 2013? rates USC’s current list of pledges and verbals at No. 2 in the nation. Washington is rated at No. 14, Arizona at No. 18, UCLA at No. 22, Oregon at No. 38, Stanford at No. 45, Cal at No. 48, Utah at No. 50 and Washington State at No. 51. Oregon State is rated at No. 75, last in the Pac-12.

The big news is the No. 38 rating for Oregon.

Here’s what says “What happened is that (1) Chip Kelly took some interest in the NFL recently. Now recruits may have questions in the back of their minds.

(2) The Ducks also have the threat of sanctions looming. That also turns away recruits.

Plus, (3) Oregon is not in a location with tons of stuff going on like Los Angeles or San Francisco. (4) The Ducks are not deep in football tradition either. (5) The Ducks don’t play a pro-style offense. All of this combined is resulting in a slightly lesser recruiting season for 2013.”

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