Letter: We must reclaim our rights



This is the time to contact everyone in Washington, D.C., who has a vote on the coming budget and debt. Please call, email, or write your elected officials and tell them to vote for your benefit. Our responsibilities did not end with the election. No president can solve our problems alone. It is Congress that should be reminded we are tired of rhetoric and childish behavior, and we expect them to do their job or get out.

We should sue congressional members for dereliction of duty, willful neglect, abandonment and non-performance, as well as breach of contract. These people were voted into office to accomplish legislation that would benefit their constituents.

The Republicans have been unwilling to compromise and in doing so have created a fiscal storm that is the result of years of bad judgement and favoritism for the rich. They created a government of some people, for some people and by some people. We need to reclaim our rights.

Lillian B. Christina