State Patrol honors officers for work

Commander receives lifetime achievement award

By Patty Hastings, Columbian Social Services, Demographics, Faith



Friday evening at the Washington State Patrol headquarters, police from area agencies received “Super Star” awards for their commitment to traffic safety and enforcement.

Cmdr. Bob Winsor of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office Reserve received a lifetime achievement award for his work in traffic safety. He joined the sheriff’s office in 1970, when there were just 15 deputies on the force. At the time, he was often the only unit on patrol in the whole county; that’s how he coined the phrase “one county, one car.” He’s logged more than 12,000 hours during his years of service. He still works with reserve and focuses on organizing community service projects.

All award recipients were given a plaque with their name on it, as a token for their work.

Honored officers

Washington State Patrol

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer Danny Bernard, CVEO Tom Byrnes, Trooper Matt Calderone, Trooper Barrett Ching, Trooper Jeffrey Heath, Trooper Matt Hughes, Trooper Mike Johnson, Trooper Andrey Liksakov, CVEO William Richardson, Trooper Stephen Robley, CVEO Robert Schultheis, Trooper Bennie Taylor, Trooper Richard Thompson, Cmdr. Trooper Robert Wollnick

Clark County Sheriff’s Office

Reserve Deputy Daryl Arndt, Deputy Sean Boyle, Deputy James Naramore, Reserve Deputy Craig Gault, Reserve Deputy Lt. Jim Hansen, Deputy Scott Kirgiss, Deputy Chris Luque, Reserve Deputy Dave Sprenger, Deputy Rob Ternus

Vancouver Police Department

Officer Brett Bailey, Officer Brent Donaldson

Battle Ground Police Department

Officer Clint Fraser, Sgt. Tim Wilson

Ridgefield Police Department

Officer Jason Ferriss

La Center Police Department

Officer Glenn Pavelko, Officer Robert Scott

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