Letter: Teach our children national pride



There was a very interesting picture on the Dec. 14 front page of the The Columbian’s Sports section of the Union High School girls basketball team. What’s interesting is that they are all looking up at something and it gives the impression that they are probably looking at an American flag during the National Anthem. What’s disturbing is that only one girl has her hand over her heart. I think this may be an indication of one small piece of the puzzle of what’s wrong with America these days, and especially our young people. They haven’t been taught respect for the flag and national pride that we “old folks” have.

I remember Allen Russell’s Dec. 11 letter, “Mandatory pledge is empty recital,” questioning the wisdom of having children recite the Pledge of Allegiance in school every day like we did growing up. Here’s a graphic illustration of why we should, whether it’s politically correct or not.

Don Plasterer