Letter: Tighter control restricts citizens



Isn’t it interesting that when a tragedy happens that involves guns, the first thing we hear is to ban guns and have tighter gun control laws yet we see guns flying off the shelves and concealed weapon permits soaring in the wake of these terrible acts of violence?

Gun control and responsibility are extremely important as a society, but so is personal protection. Our society has created so-called perfect storm environments where these types of mass shootings can occur without much threat for the shooter, yet leave the general public totally exposed. Wouldn’t shooters think twice about going into a movie theater, mall or school if responsible adults, i.e. teachers, and concealed weapon permit holders were actually afforded the right to bear arms in public places?

Since we will never be able to identify every potential perpetrator or lock up every gun, true gun control should not be removing them from the hands of those who would wield them in protection of the innocent, especially in public places.

Bryan Patterson