Letter: We fail to define basic curriculum




The Dec. 19 editorial cartoon had the caption, “History Lesson: ‘Those who cannot learn from the past are condemned to repeat saying it! George Santayana.” That statement is so true, especially to so many who have missed out on the real truth taught in our history, civics, world problems in our public schools because of cutbacks. For years educators have tried to get our state and national politicians to understand that those programs are just as critical as science and math and must be included as part of our basic education curriculum. The example of not learning from the past is evident in the continued lack of concern for a good basic education program.

Since the Seattle School District filed the first lawsuit in the mid-1970s and Judge Robert Doran mandated the state define and fund basic education, little has changed. Over the past 37 years, committee after committee failed to really define a total basic education program for our children. Until a total curriculum is defined, every educator in this state that has studied program budget planning knows you will never fully fund it.

One major problem is that most of our politicians now are the result of dumbing down public education.

Dale Shotwell