Letter: Just tighten current gun laws



I am a gun owner and strongly feel that laws need to change. When the Constitution was written for us to have the right to bear arms, “we the people” were to be a militia, and when needed, we have a gun to respond. I have a registered hand gun and my hunting rifle, in my opinion, is enough.

Gun-makers can and should make guns that work only in the hand of the registered owner. The technology is out there — rings on the finger, bracelets, palm print on the grip of the gun — so only the owner can fire it. A computer chip that won’t let the gun work when separated from the ring, bracelet or palm.

It’s been said to me time and time again, a citizen with a concealed weapons permit is a cop’s best friend. If those who have a permit to carry and gun-free zones are abolished, they can’t help in getting the perpetrator and saving lives.

Thomas M. Krueger