Photos of the year: Heat of the moment

By Troy Wayrynen, Columbian staff writer



Everyone has a story to tell, and capturing it with a camera — be it a single image or a photographic essay — is what drives news photographers. To be a good news photographer requires having an acute awareness of your surroundings and subject. You also need an innate ability to anticipate the best moment to press the shutter release. Every day at The Columbian, our photography staff is asked to tell many different stories. Many of these stories are challenging and require a combination of photographic skill, patience and at times a little luck. When we are successful in capturing a unique photograph, we hope our success provides you — our reader — with a better understanding of the story and a greater appreciation for our community. With this in mind, I hope you enjoy our annual photography year in review. With a second look at some of our photographic successes, we get a second opportunity to appreciate the rich community we live in.