Talking Points: L could stand for loser



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


In 2016, it’s quite possible we will be calling the Super Bowl teams a couple of losers.

Apparently, there are some in the NFL office who are concerned with the branding of Super Bowl 50 because the Super Bowl logo uses Roman numerals. The Roman numeral for 50 is L. As in Loser!

We appreciate the Roman numerals and hope the NFL continues the tradition.

Plus, no one seemed to care about Super Bowl XXX. (Of course, that was before the internet really took off so no one could be blocked at their office computer for trying to get to Super Bowl XXX.)

But here’s hoping that Super Bowl L pits the Cleveland Browns vs. the Detroit Lions.

Two losers who have never played in a Super Bowl.


People who post anonymous comments, beware. Phil Mickelson is coming after you, and he’s bringing his club.

His club, in this case, is a lawsuit.

Someone has been posting nasty rumors about him and his family, and he is suing Yahoo’s Devil Ball golf blog to release the name of the commenter.

If he wins, that would have huge ramifications. Not just in the sports world.

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