What’s Up With That? Safety concerns prompt removal of VSAA tree



Why are two large trees being torn out of the grounds in front of Vancouver School of Arts & Academics? — A caller

Anonymous C., we contacted school district spokeswoman Kris Sork, who said there’s only one tree coming out.

“We had an arborist come in and check out several trees,” Sork said. “This one was rotten inside and a safety hazard. There was a safety recommendation to take out this tree.”

If it looked like two were coming down, that’s because several trees on the grounds were being professionally pruned at the same time, Sork said. The school district did get permits from the city of Vancouver to do this work.

Sork added that the Shumway Neighborhood Association has lately planted several young trees around the VSAA property — including the little, adjacent neighborhood park — in anticipation of some older ones needing to come out. And the district is also interested in replanting when it has to take out older, infirm trees.

“Anytime we take one out, they’ll plant a new one, or we will,” she said. — Scott Hewitt

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