US Senate OKs bill for Quileute tribal move



SEATTLE (AP) — The U.S. Senate has joined the House in approving a bill that will allow the Quileute tribe to move its school and other buildings out of a tsunami zone on the Washington coast to higher ground in Olympic National Park.

The Senate passed the bill unanimously Monday. The House acted Feb. 6. Washington Sen. Maria Cantwell says the bill goes next to President Obama for his signature.

The land transfer bill gives the tribe 785 acres in the park and settles a reservation boundary dispute. In return, the tribe assures access to coastal beaches that are reached by trails through tribal lands.

The tribe needs the higher ground to put its school, elder and child care centers and headquarters out of reach of a tsunami.

Quileute Chairman Tony Foster says he’s “so grateful that our tribe will actually be able to move our elders and children out of the path of a tsunami and up to higher ground.”