IOC president Jacques Rogge arrives in Los Angeles



LOS ANGELES (AP) — International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge says there’s no ideal time for the United States to make another bid to host an Olympics.

With international and U.S. Olympic leaders so far unable to resolve a financial dispute that is blocking any U.S. bid for the games, it may not happen until 2024.

Rogge spoke on the University of Southern California campus Wednesday night, a day before the IOC Conference on Women and Sport opens in Los Angeles.

Asked when the U.S. will know when the time is right to bid again, Rogge said, “When I open the envelope and read off the name. There is no ideal time, you have to go off your own strength.”

Rogge made his comments in front of U.S. Olympic Committee CEO Scott Blackmun who said any future domestic bids would be open to all comers rather than conducting a lengthy formal bid process.