Sebastian Coe back in LA feeling nostalgic



LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sebastian Coe walked onto the track at the University of Southern California and memories of winning his second straight gold medal in the 1,500 at the Los Angeles Olympics came flooding back.

He says he feels like the whole thing happened yesterday instead of on a hot July day nearly 28 years ago.

Coe is in Los Angeles to attend the International Olympic Committee Conference on Women and Sport. His visit to USC included meeting with some U.S. swimmers who hope to compete in this summer’s London Games.

This time, Coe didn’t sneak into the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum — site of his 1984 victory — like he did in 2000, when he hopped over a locked fence to check out the stadium.

As chairman of the organizing committee for the London Olympics, Coe is in a position to create a memorable experience for today’s athletes.