Talking Points: Kings could go full circle



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


So Seattle has plan for an arena. Now all they need is a team.

There has been talk that the Sacramento Kings could be looking for a new home. That would be good fit — the Seattle Kings. Seattle is, after all, in King County.

Some have suggested that if Seattle steals the Kings away from Sacramento, would the folks in Seattle be no better than the folks in Oklahoma City who stole the Sonics away from Seattle?

But it just follows a long tradition of municipal agitation that goes back years in the NBA.

You see, the folks in Kansas City don’t like the folks in Sacramento.

And the folks in Kansas City are not well regarded by the folks in Cincinnati.

And don’t talk about the folks in Cincinnati around the folks in Rochester, N.Y.

Now if somehow, the folks in Rochester could steal the Thunder away from the folks in Oklahoma City, the cycle would be complete.


So how do you take a meaningless exhibition that has long since run its course and make even more irrelevant?

Well, Talking Points doesn’t know, but we think the NBA is on the right track.

The NBA is leaving it up to the fans to determine the winner of this year’s All-Star slam dunk contest.

Blake Griffin is continuing a long-standing tradition of defending champions by deciding not to return to the event. So now fans will get to vote between the likes of Iman Shumpert, Paul George, Derrick Williams and Chase Budinger.

There will be no judges on site. Fans will determine the champion by voting on, Twitter or through text messaging.

Talking Points is going out on a limb and predict that winner of this year’s slam dunk contest will be a write-in candidate by the name of “Who?”


Once again, unruly soccer fans are in the news.

Dutch police say they have arrested 76 Ajax supporters suspected of seeking a confrontation with Manchester United supporters the night before the clubs meet in the Europa League.

Apparently, the supporters of Ajax were being “very abrasive.”

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