Letter: Protect kids from toxic chemicals



I write to you as a mother with four sons. One of my sons had respiratory problems when he was little and at that time none of the treatments could help. I eventually got rid of all the products in my house and only used what I knew was safe and natural. I started shopping from a wellness store. It was affordable and this change actually worked and he got better. It’s not fair that families have to worry about products with toxic chemicals that harm our children’s health. There are many alternatives already out there.

The Toxic-Free Kids Act, Washington state Senate Bill 6120, would have required companies to do safe assessments on their children’s products. It was passed in the Senate, but unfortunately an amendment took out the safer assessments piece, as well as the ban on chlorinated tris, a chemical taken out of children’s pajamas in the 1970s because it was linked to cancer.

I urge my state representatives, Tim Probst, D-Vancouver, and Paul Harris, R-Vancouver, to strengthen SB 6120 by putting back the safer assessments and the chlorinated tris ban, to help us protect our kids from toxic chemicals.

Lisa Pierce