Letter: Local bans have no teeth



In response to The Columbian’s Feb. 20 editorial, “Follow federal law: County commissioners correctly decide to protect employees from prosecution,” know that cannabis will be a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substance Act just as long as those corporations that stand to lose millions (billions?) should it be rescheduled have millions to spend to see that it isn’t.

Know that section RCW 69.51A.140 of state law does not speak to “collective medical marijuana gardens,” but to dispensing and dispensaries. Under the law there is no requirement for a collective garden to be registered, licensed or zoned. Don’t let the current moratoriums fool you. They have no teeth.

The municipalities are taking actions beyond their legal purview. That being written then, there is no concern for county employees being prosecuted by the Department of Justice. The subject is moot.

What municipalities should be doing is making it clear they will enforce the current state law as written. RCW 69.51A.085 is quite clear on the definition of a garden. A store front or any other “commercial” interest obviously is not its intent.

Won’t somebody please, oh please, do some research (read the law!) and mine this mountain back down to a mole hill?

The Columbian has disappointed; it’s being led by the nose.

Jim Kennedy