Letter: Attack on women’s health must end




This birth control debate is not about religious freedom; it is about the individual’s right to privacy in their medical choices and care.

A woman should not have get approval from her employer regarding her medical needs in anything, much less birth control. Every individual should have the right to exercise her religious freedom without interference from her employer.

We are not talking about church workers here. We are talking about employees of companies owned by churches, companies that may even receive our tax dollars and health care dollars. With the Catholic Church buying up hospitals, as happened here in Vancouver, it is not a matter of just getting another job for people.

I am offended that a bunch of old men have the unmitigated gall to deny women access to birth control which may be needed for contraception or for other health reasons.

I am offended that old men cloak their attack on women in religious debate.

Nobody is attacking anybody’s religious freedom. Churches can stick to religion, or they can play by the same rules as everyone else when they leave the church for other industries.

The continuing attack on women and women’s health has got to end. Now.

Jackie Lane

Battle Ground