Letter: Appreciate the legacy of Houston



Reading the Feb. 18 Columbian online story “Security tight for Whitney Houston’s funeral,” how strangely death can resurrect to noisy life the dead. While still alive the world had fitted Houston with a nearly silent coat of relative indifference, disturbed only intermittently when the mighty nostrils of tabloid journalism sniffed scandal sufficient for profit.

She was blessed with beauty, voice, and fame; became rich and independent, living the dream of billions. In short, she almost had it all all but immutable inner strength, implacable self-esteem, and irrepressible character. These human traits would have ensured that she would be alive today; would have given her the strength to utter a resounding “no” when life required it. This is not a judgment but a fact appreciated only with impartiality.

I wish she’d been better equipped with the tools to defend herself from life’s harsh edges, grading twists, and disappointing trip wires. But Houston left us with a precious gift to be enjoyed until the human species is no more; and that is safely more than most of us will ever do.

Michael E. White

Brush Prairie