Letter: Let’s return to common courtesies



There are two things that really irritate me.

The first is graffiti and destroying property. A few days ago, I went into our new library. While I was there, I had to use the restroom. Lo and behold, the mirror was all marked up. I talked this over with a few people and they said, “Kids will be kids.” Well, I don’t buy that.

It is not always kids. I worked in Swan Island shipyards and the restrooms were always messed up. Now, you people who are doing this, please stop.

The second thing is grocery carts. The stores are nice enough to allow you to use their carts, so why don’t you return them where it says, “Please return carts here.” Is it possible that you don’t know how to read? I remember when I was a boy and the stores wouldn’t allow their carts to leave the store. My dad had to drive up to the door and someone loaded the car for him. Do you want that again?

Jerry Barber