Gregoire calls for $3.6B transportation package



OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Gov. Chris Gregoire is asking the Legislature to pass a “bold agenda” that includes a sales tax increase, school reforms and a $3.6 billion transportation package.

In her State of the State address Tuesday, Gregoire proposed a 10-year transportation package she says will create about 5,500 jobs a year to maintain roads across the state. Gregoire says she will ask the Legislature to pass a $1.50 fee on every barrel of oil produced in Washington.

Last month, a task force convened by Gregoire said the state needs to raise $21 billion over 10 years for projects on roads, bridges, ferries and other transportation needs. Gregoire mentioned that report in her speech but did not specifically call on the Legislature to raise that amount, or to send anything to the voters.