Canadian pleads guilty in Vegas to tax refund scam



LAS VEGAS (AP) — A 51-year-old Canadian man pleaded guilty in Las Vegas to applying for and receiving IRS tax refunds even though he never worked in the United States.

Gaetano Fiore (guy-uh-TAHN-oh fee-OR-ee) admitted Monday in U.S. District Court he used techniques learned from a California-based tax guru now being held in federal prison in Washington state to apply for hundreds of thousands of dollars in refunds for himself and two other people.

Fiore pleaded guilty to two counts of receipt of stolen public money in a plea deal that could get him more than two years in prison at sentencing April 23. He’ll also face deportation.

Defense lawyer Michael Gowdey says Fiore never questioned how he could receive a U.S. tax refund based on mortgage paid for a home in Montreal, Quebec.