Letter: Congress cannot mandate purchase



A bill recently introduced by state Sen. Adam Kline of Seattle (to reduce powers of the state attorney general) is not only dangerous for the residents of Washington but also incorrect in the reasoning for the need of the bill. It’s clear the citizens of Washington would like access to health care for all the citizens; it is not clear, however, that citizens want the president’s health care law. The underpinning for the implementation of HR 3962 (American Affordability Health Care Act) is the language in the bill that requires citizens to purchase the government’s health care coverage.

The general populace needs to understand access to health care for all is not free. Additionally, politicians need to be honest about the costs and the end plan to pay for the access. The choice is clear: either there is universal, single- payer health care with a tax on all citizens, or alternatively affect necessary changes to the current health delivery and cost system. Either way, it’s clear the current federal bill needs to be scrapped and rewritten. The current legislation’s approach is like cutting off the head of a headache patient to cure the headache. Therefore, the state attorney general’s challenge to the current access bill is correct; Congress cannot require citizens to purchase any service.

R. Edwin Maul