Letter: Thud in morning appreciated



My brother, Robert H. Walz, was a frequent contributor to this page. He passed away recently, and I want you to know how much he valued the opportunity to share his views with others through your paper. Bob believed strongly in the written word and subscribed to numerous newspapers and magazines, but he always felt that the hometown paper was a necessary “first read” each day. For Bob, sharing his ideas was only part of the experience that also included reading the views of others and the discourse that ensued.

The entire family treasured The Columbian, whether it was the local sports scores or politics or a way to keep up with the tremendous growth in Vancouver. My mother, Pat Walz, was also a freelance writer and contributed many human-interest stories to your publication.

The Columbian has been a mainstay of the Walz family for over 60 years, and it is my hope that it will remain the source of local news and dialogue for many more years to come. Long live the thud of the newspaper on the driveway early each morning, rain or shine or snow!

Judy Walz Fitzpatrick