Maldonado accused of being danger to F1 rivals



SILVERSTONE, England (AP) — Williams driver Pastor Maldonado has been fined for a collision with Sergio Perez that put his Sauber rival out of Sunday’s British Grand Prix.

The race stewards gave Maldonado a $12,250 fine after the incident, which led to Perez accusing the Venezuelan of being a danger on the track.

The incident on lap 12 came two weeks after McClaren driver Lewis Hamilton also went off the track in Valencia after a collision with Maldonado.

Perez claimed Maldonado “has no respect for other drivers. He is a very stupid driver.”

He added: “We are risking our lives out there and if they don’t do something he will hurt someone.”

Maldonado told the BBC: “I was trying to defend, he was trying to gain and this is racing.”