Talking Points: NBA overspending again



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


With their reckless spending in free agency last week, NBA owners proved yet again that the people who run the league are also the biggest impediment to its long-term financial health.

Despite all the lockout-inspired talk about the need for change because of their massive losses, owners displayed a business-as-usual approach in making questionable eight-figure offers to non-superstars. Although owners succeeded in wresting a bigger piece of the revenue pie from players during the 149-day work stoppage, they apparently made no progress toward making wiser basketball decisions.

Until that happens, owners will need protection from themselves that can’t be collectively bargained.

(Click here to read the entire Jason Reid column in the Washington Post.)


The British sure have a way to show an athlete they are behind them.

Andy Murray was the target for all the support as he attempted to end a 74-year drought since the last British-born tennis player won the men’s singles title at Wimbledon.

The headline from the London newspaper The Mail on Sunday blared: “WE’RE ALL PRAYING FOR YOU, ANDY!”

Then Roger Federer came along and dashed the hopes (and prayers) of all Brits with a four-set victory.

Which then changed the tone of the London tabloids.

Posted on The Sun’s website Sunday evening: “OK, Anyone for Ennis? Beaten Murray did us proud in Final. Wimble-don, now bring on the Olympics.”

The Ennis reference was to Great Britain heptathlete Jessica Ennis, a favorite for a gold medal in her event.

Talk about moving on.


It has arrived. That time in the sports calendar filled with … nothing.

Baseball’s All-Star break brings us very little in actual events worth reporting on (yes, that means you Home Run Derby).

Sure, there are still cyclists roaming around the French countryside, and a WNBA here or there. But really, what’s a mainstream sports fan (or publication) to do with three days of blah?

Only Christmas Eve brings less sports news.

Think about it. It isn’t often the four major sports in this country (yes, we are counting the NHL) aren’t doing anything all at the same time that affects the standings or playoff picture.

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