Letter: Pick up enforcement of litter law



The July 9 Columbian story “Crowds flock to the river as temperature flirts with 90” about the “fun in the sun” at Frenchman’s Bar Regional Park tells only a part of the story related to the actions of the holiday crowds. On a recent weekday, I took a walk along the Columbia River just south of the picnic areas. Knowing that there would be some trash to pick up, I brought some bags. This is my total pick up on about 125 feet of beach: seven bags of trash, 32 aluminum cans, 44 glass bottles, 24 plastic containers, a sleeping bag, several articles of children’s clothing, some drug paraphernalia, fireworks leftovers, and of course, soiled diapers.

I find this appalling. We are fortunate to have so many beautiful parks in our community. What a shame that our laws and ordinances are not enforced. The litter laws, along with the fireworks laws, are simply ignored by many residents and, seemingly, our local law enforcement.

With regard to the litter problem, it seems to me that parks personnel could hand everyone, as they stop at the pay booth, a notice about the litter law and the fines they could incur for not obeying them.

Regarding the fireworks madness, when does the public get to vote?

Patricia Weinkauf