Letter: Respect flag for its place of honor



I read about a veteran’s U.S. flag being stolen, and what he wrote in his letter, “Take good care of that flag,” on the Fourth of July. As a U.S. Army veteran and 100 percent disabled veteran, I truly respect what Don Newell had to say and the direction he gave to whoever stole his flag.

The U.S. flag to a veteran or someone who is still on active duty is the heart and sole of his or her service to their country. Our U.S. flag came with us into battle, where our blood was spilled on foreign soil, and our veterans’ blood soaked into that soil, and over time, history was written about those battles.

I have seen U.S. flags just thrown into the garbage, which is totally disrespectful of our flag. If you are thinking of doing this, then please give your U.S. flag to the American Legion, and the group will see to it that your flag is destroyed properly.

Marlin G. Dunlap