Letters: County Commissioner District 2



David Madore, CEO of U.S. Digital, rated one of Vancouver’s “Fastest Growing Businesses,” is one of the recent positives in Clark County’s employment mix. Madore is running for Clark County commissioner against personable and long-serving incumbent Marc Boldt. After much soul-searching, I conclude that Madore’s track record in growing responsible business on a large scale is an opportunity we can’t turn down.

Madore has an abundance of public spirit, demonstrated by his many personal contributions to his employees’ welfare and to the region’s nonprofits. Collegial, soft spoken, and a good listener, he’ll make a strong addition to the commission. Supporting Madore is a tough but logical choice.

Ann T. Donnelly


Clark County will have a brighter future with Roman Battan. We need change in county leadership, and part of this change needs to focus on jobs. Battan, born and raised in Clark County, recognizes we can do better and is running for Clark County commissioner, District 2. Battan, who has a business administration degree and experience in creating jobs, understands the relationship between government and business.

Battan will represent all citizens, not just a partisan group. He will ask questions and listen to all citizens before making an informed decision. For more information, http://www.electromanbattan.com.

Jason Hoover


Wow! What a new idea, a Clark County commissioner who votes on issues as he sees best for the citizens and communities of Clark County instead of being a puppet for the Republican Party. I think the GOP has just “bought” my vote for Marc Boldt.

Dolores Shaw